The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing (TQIW) is an Intentional Community of seekers in search of Holistic and Integrated approach for personal wellbeing



These are recommended by our community members based on their personal experience. We are a knowledge sharing and learning platform and not endorsing any therapy or therapists. Please educate yourself and choose a therapy or diagnostics best suited for yourself. This list will continue to evolve as the Institute grows.

1 TQIW Holistic Health Assessment Standard

TQIW Holistic Health Assessment Standard is under trial. This standard will recommend an expanded diagnostic personal health assessment incorporating a holistic view of the state of affairs for an individual.

2 Bioresonance Analysis of Health (USA)

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (or B.A.H.) is an advanced diagnostic and evaluation method developed by Dr.Thomas K. Szulc, MD. This multi-faceted and comprehensive system is used to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s health, identify all dysfunctions and underlying causes, and create a unique program of treatment that best suits the individual patient – all from a single drop of blood. B.A.H. accurately determines what medicines, supplements, remedies, and procedures will be most effective in the treatment of any individual patient.

3 Paracelsus Clinic (Switzerland)

Dr. Thomas Rau is recognized as one of the leading physicians in the world today. As the creator of biological medicine, he’s been a pioneer in alternative health. Biological medicine is by now a complete system of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, many available only at the Paracelsus Clinic. Among his many innovations are the integration of medical and dental treatment, the use of dark field microscopy as a diagnostic tool, new methods of enhancing detoxification and restoring immune strength, and highly successful treatment protocols for over a dozen disorders, including cancer, autoimmune and Lyme disease.

4 Sigfa Solutions

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Tiwari offers a holistic assessment using Kirlian Photography which measures chakras alignment and Spiritual Energy Flow Meter which is an universal scanner measuring the energy flow.