The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing (TQIW) is an Intentional Community of seekers in search of Holistic and Integrated approach for personal wellbeing



A major portion of the energy to grow this community is expected to be contributed by motivated, committed and passionate volunteers.

You may also sign up as

1) Part time volunteer: minimum 10 hours a week(individually negotiated for a win win)
2) Full time volunteer: minimum 20 hours a week(individually negotiated for a win win)

  • A minimum engagement of three months is required
  • Projects / Tasks: Based on agreeable start to end deliverables and committed time-frames
  • In certain cases, accommodation and food can be available for longer term full time project orientated volunteers.
  • All volunteers are expected to sign a non binding MOU and be disciplined about their commitment.
  • Volunteers are expected to meet high standards of professional conduct and uphold TQIW values and principles.

What’s in there for you – Learning and transformation opportunity..
If you are motivated to do volunteer work with us, please submit your area of interest, period of availability, motivation and backgrounder by submitting your details in below given Volunteer Request: