The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing (TQIW) is an Intentional Community of seekers in search of Holistic and Integrated approach for personal wellbeing



1Taranjeet Kaur, TQIW Guest, 9th September 2016 event “ Annual Community Meeting”,

2Teyjas (Pranav Chaudhry), TQIW Guest, 6th May 2017 event “ In search of truth – Cancer”,

“Just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude to TQIW Team for organizing and hosting this stimulating, and necessary event. Everyone from the audience to the panelists themselves, were grateful and pleasantly surprised to be a part of such a multi-dimensional dialogue that brought

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together so many diverse voices and perspectives to a rampant problem. The event was powerful in its ambitious attempt to move towards finding an integrated solution. I felt Dr. Gerd Mueller’s comments on how it seemed as if each of the panelists was using a different language altogether given their varied perspectives, and the importance of finding a common language amidst the chaos of, often competing, ideologies was very apt.If we are ever to find this common language, it will arise from a collective recognition of a common goal, and an open forum to ponder and align towards a harmonious, holistic approach. This is exactly what TQIW is doing, and it’s value cannot be understated! I am confident that in the months and years to come we will start seeing the results of these meaningful discourses, and I look forward to watching it unfold and being a part of it.”

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3Varun Shankar, Panelist, 6th May 2017 event “ In search of truth – Cancer”,

“Interacting with other cancer survivors and learning how different individuals had combatted the same disease enabled me to evaluate my own responses. At the same time, it was extremely gratifying to learn that there was a basic commonality in our individual approach. The treatment for cancer is both mentally and physically demanding. While I am not a medical person, thus not in a position to

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comment on the causes of cancer and/or the line of treatment to be adopted, having beaten it, my advise will be to face the situation with self confidence, the right attitude and mental fortitude. Locate and thereafter fix your faith with the doctors and just go with the flow. I allowed my support group, comprising of my family and friends, to support my emotional needs and keep me motivated. I applaud TQIW and its team for organising an informative event and providing the platform to discuss the need for holistic wellbeing of cancer patients. Doctors and alternative healers must realise that the time has come for them to come together for the benefit of patients and survivors alike. Cheers to TQIW for taking the lead in that regard.

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4Dr.Ruby Bansal, TQIW Member, 6th May 2017 event “ In search of truth – Cancer”,

“Event was excellent well organised, time bound and full of relevant content all the speakers were good spoke very well to the point and crisp presentation. Didi Shivani –no words for her even the

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whole atmosphere was very positive with her presence she stayed in whole event and made the environment positive and full of energy. All cancer fighters were chosen wonderfully different motivational stories were attached with them –must have motivated the audience. Cancer –the term which creates terror in the mind but can- certainly be prevented /treated timely. Prevention is better than cure so if we can prevent the cancer nothing like it. As such treatment is concern, success rates are high when diagnosed early. We not only need to treat the cancer but also to heal the mind and body. Combined approach will be more helpful in treating cancer patients, SO we can combine modern system of medicine with other alternative system of medicine. As health by who is defined as physical, social , mental and spiritual well being.Health awareness is key and combines all system of medicine –a challenge in which quantum health can play a big role –a need of society.”

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5Arpana Khanna, TQIW Member, 4th August Event “ Enlightened Practitioners Group Meeting”,

A blessing indeed to be with these “enlightened ones”. Such meetings give us hope. “There is no medicine such as ‘“love” and today’s meeting strengthens my belief that god has truly taken healthcare in his hands.All the best TQIW – Love to all”