The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing (TQIW) is an Intentional Community of seekers in search of Holistic and Integrated approach for personal wellbeing



1How do we become members?

  • Please review the Institute’s website in detail, so you are well informed about this Institute and can take a personal decision with conviction and commitment.
  • You can then select one of the type of memberships that best suit you. Fill up the online application form and submit it together with your payment details. You will receive a call to discuss your interests, unless you have already completed this conversation with TQIW representative and thereafter you will receive a confirmation of membership and membership number within 10 working days.

2There are a number of corporate executives from leading health care industry associated with TQIW. What is their connection with TQIW? Is there a conflict of interest?

  • TQIW is a neutral entity with a clear independent vision and intentional statement.
  • Initial support to launch the institute was provided by Founder Director’s close friends, many of who were from organizations with whom he was associated in his career.
  • Learning’s of the Institute are available to all members. However, good work finds its way through to all interested parties through the osmosis and social interaction systems.
  • We would like all those who want to benefit from this to become members of TQIW. Therefore, by maximizing the knowledge and spreading awareness, TQIW will benefit humanity.

3How is TQIW governed?

  • A start up team comprising of the Founder Director and his close friends who believe in this idea are collectively managing TQIW currently with substantial support from volunteers
  • As TQIW goes forward, we will put into place a “panchayat” which will take the ownership to run this Institute. During this stage, the Founder Director will be closely involved in contributing to the growth of the Institute.
  • The eventual point of arrival is for the Institute to be governed by the panchayat, comprising of 3 women and 2 men who will be selected and not elected.

4 What can we expect after becoming a member?

  • The value proposition of the Institute is targeted at establishing an intentional community and providing knowledge, networking amongst members and guidance to reach credible practitioners of integrated wellbeing.
  • There is a physical reference library which members can visit to gather knowledge relating to Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Holistic Practitioners and Healers, other similar Institutes and organizations worldwide that are a part of our wider network.
  • There is also an E – library with enhanced knowledge base for members only.
  • Other offerings include:
    a) Recommendations for Diagnostics, Therapies, Nutrition, Meditation and Yoga.
    b) Advertorials relating to members.
    c) Event support for micro events organized by members.
    d) Hospitality – Home stays offered by members.
    e) Introductions and connecting up with other members to pursue common interests.
    f)Guest invitations for event.

5How do we select our members?

  • We are desirous of creating an intentional community which will have members who are seekers and committed to their personal wellbeing.
  • Practitioners need clients and clients need practitioners for best results in integrated wellness.
  • Therefore, we welcome all seekers for integrated wellness to be a part of our community and would like to confirm resonance before we enter into a member relationship. As the institute’s work becomes known more, new seekers will join and some old may leave because their interest lie elsewhere. This is normal for an evolutionary organization.

6How does TQIW affiliate Practitioners?

  • We are constantly in search of credible practitioners who have deep domain knowledge and heart in the right place.
  • Depending on their interest in integrated practice and desire to serve humanity we give them opportunities at platforms to convey their mission.
  • In this process over time, the community can make an assessment about which practitioners they would like to work with as part of their wellbeing initiative.

7How will practitioner offer their services and price them?

  • Pricing is the prerogative of the Practitioners.
  • We expect Practitioners to follow ethical and transparent pricing.
  • Dealings between practitioners and members seeking their services will be conducted directly between them.
  • We welcome practitioners to offer a special gesture for TQIW members and encourage TQIW members to inquire about this gesture.

8 Can I upgrade my status of Membership?

Yes. One can upgrade his/ her membership status from any category of membership.The membership categories are distinct however no refunds/adjustments will be processed.

9Are Our members shareholders in TQIW?

  • Membership does not confer voting rights or ownership rights as envisaged for shareholders, under the Companies Act. Shareholders are distinctly separate from members of TQIW.
  • Members / Applicants are advised to read the application form carefully to understand the terms and conditions.

10If I wish to terminate my membership will I be entitled to a refund?

Since fees are applied towards set up costs and taxes have been paid, no refunds can be made on termination.

11Are family members covered under my Membership?

All seekers are on their unique life journey and are expected to have individual memberships. Please encourage family members to also sign up and TQIW offers a couple membership. Please visit the Membership section of the website.

12 Will Founder or Life Member be inheritable?

Memberships automatically lapses on demise of the Member.

13Does TQIW directly provide treatments for its members?

  • This Institute is a knowledge platform and does not engage in business activities.
  • The Value proposition of the Institute is targeted at establishing an intentional community and providing knowledge, networking amongst members and guidance to reach credible practitioners of integrated wellbeing.
  • Members may pursue treatments and therapies directly with the specialists.
  • Members are responsible for their due diligence and decision. Practitioners may ask members to sign a release under-taking to pursue integrated approaches to wellbeing.

14 Will TQIW set up an integrated clinic/ center/ hospital?

  • This is a business opportunity for the members or an inspired entrepreneur in the public space.
  • Members can tap into the knowledge of the Institute to set up their own integrated practice.

15Can corporates become members?

Corporates can sponsor individuals such as employees, spouses and other seekers they want to support to enable them to grow and heal themselves. Such memberships will be treated as individual memberships and not transferable.

16Can Individuals or corporates make donations?

  • We welcome the generosity of all beings since we are working in the humanitarian space.
  • Organizations that have a business interest in our activities can claim their contribution to us as a business expense.
  • Similarly, corporates can allocate their CSR resources to TQIW, since we are a socially responsible organization working in the qualified space. We are an intentional community and not a public charitable trust.
  • For tax treatment please consult your tax advisor. We can interface with your tax advisor to provide facts and clarity from our view point.

17Can I make a contribution to this community even though I am not a member?

Our community is constantly growing so we will always encourage individuals to join us as members. Even if you are not a member, you can make a contribution. Contribution of any kind will be graciously accepted by the community. For details please visit the contribution section in the website.

18 Is the membership fees different for locals and foreigners?

  • One fee structure applies to all members without discrimination.
  • Tariffs are in Indian rupees inclusive of service taxes. Adjustments will be made periodically for changes in exchange and tax rates.

19Where does TQIW generate its funding from?

TQIW’s “funding” comes from: a) Seed capital has been provided by the Founder – earmarked 1 crore and by Founder Members. b) Membership fees paid by members to sustain the ongoing operating expenses.

20What is the TQIW code of conduct for members who are practitioners?

  • Putting the interest of the client first.
  • Full and honest disclosure/ explanations for the treatment plans.
  • Fair and ethical pricing.

21Can members get guest passes for TQIW events?

  • Our events are reserved for members only. However, if you may wish to sample TQIW before becoming a member, we can offer a guest invitation on request.
  • A limited number of passes will be available for a fee on a first come first served basis. The guest pass fee will be adjusted towards membership fees as a refund if the guest signs up as a member at the end of the event attended. Please visit the Offerings- Guest Invitation for events, section of the website for details.

22 If I am a member, do I have to pay additionally for the retreats?

  • Each retreat is an independent event offered by the organizer.
  • Depending on the value proposition , the cost etc., the organizer decides the price and can be paid directly to the organizer. TQIW gives visibility to such events which they believe can be valuable to its members.

23Where is TQIW located?

  • TQIW is a private limited company incorporated in India under the companies act.
  • Its registered office is at New Delhi.
  • Based on its needs, it holds its events at the most logical and convenient venues by hiring out the space required.
  • There is an interest from around the globe in our knowledge platform and we will continue to evolve as we go forward and pursue our objective efficiently.
  • In the current digital environment, we do not feel the need for an elaborate office, since we are able to work in the spaces provided by our members for different activities and events.

24Can members recommend TQIW to other individuals in their circle of friends?

All seekers known to you should know about this opportunity for their personal growth. You will be doing a great service by touching their life and helping others. Good Karma will be rewarded.